UPrint - Printing Instructions

How To Login And Use A UPrint Device

UPrint devices can be used for copying, printing and scanning. The easy-to-follow instructions below show you how to access and use a UPrint device. UPrint Quick Reference Guides are also located at each UPrint device for your convenience.

Device Login Instruction

Step 1

1. Begin by Swiping CaneCard

2. Enter Username & Password

Pharos Menu Overview

Once at the Pharos Menu, three tabs will be available:
My Documents, Make Copies, and My Account

1. My Documents

This tab will display all print jobs in queue. Select your specific job(s) to print, select "Print All", or delete selected print jobs.

2. Make Copies

The 5 following tabs are listed to customize the output of your original document.

2a. Copy Ratio

Use this option to enhance or reduce the size of your original document

2b. Paper Select

Use this option to select which paper tray to print from. Auto Paper Select is the default setting (device chooses tray for you).

2c. Two-Sided

Use this option to select how you want your original document to be copied. You will receive UPrint credits when using two-sided printing.

2d. Contrast

Use this option to lighten or darken a document.

3. My Account

This tab will display your UPrint Allowance and Available Balance. Select "OK" to close the window.

UPrint - Making Copies

UPrint - Scanning Documents

UPrint - Checking Job Status