Computer Labs - Software List

Residence Halls
Richter Library
Weeks Music Library
Architecture Library
7Zip: For archiving, compressing, and decompressing files
Adobe Acrobat Pro: used to edit PDF files
Adobe Digital Editions: for the creation of digital publications
Adobe Creative Cloud: graphic editing software
Apple GarageBand: for creating and editing music
Apple iLife: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote software
Apple iMovie: for creating and editing movies
Apple iPhoto: for creating and editing photos
ArcGIS: for working with maps and geographic information
AutoDesk AutoCAD: for Engineering and Architecture designs
FileZilla: FTP software for upload and download of files
Google Earth Pro: 3D interactive globe used to interactively visualize information
IBM SPSS: statistical and analytics software
Apple iTunes: organize music, movies, and TV shows
Java Web Plugin: used in web browsers
JMP Pro: statistical analysis
Maple: tool for mathematics and modeling
Matlab: for analysis and visualization of data
Microsoft Internet Explorer: web browser from Microsoft
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and Powerpoint software
Microsoft Silverlight: development tool for web and mobile applications
Minitlab: statistical software
Mozilla Firefox: web browser from Mozilla
Omnipage Pro: for scanning and document conversion (scanner computer only)
PowerTerm Enterprise: terminal emulator from Ericon Software
Putty: open source telnet/ssh terminal emulator
QuickTime: multimedia viewer from Apple
Real Player: video player
RefWorks: online research management tool
SAS: statistical and analytics software
SoftChalk: content authoring software
Microsoft Windows Media Player: video player
Wolfram Mathematica: computational and workflow software